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Your brand is more than ideas, products, or images - it's a language. Finding the right words for your business is essential. At Creative Business Writing we work with you to tell your brand's story through engaging, authentic copywriting. We help you reach your customers and partners in words that speak to them.


It is one thing to start a business, but talking clearly about the business is another thing altogether. Even the best entrepreneurs often struggle to explain their business in precise and engaging language. That's where we come in.

Richard Whitten, Founder

Richard Whitten Richard grew up in Sydney, Australia, where he trained as a teacher. In 2010 he moved to Seoul, South Korea, where he works as a freelance consultant, editor and copywriter. In addition to professional writing, he has had poetry published in the Australian Journal of Poetry and short fiction published by the University of Sydney Press. He holds degrees in education and communication.


If it involves words, we can help

Engaging content for your website or blog. Clear, informative descriptions of your products or services. Superior, professional copywriting. Memorable slogans and taglines. Creating a voice for your website.


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